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Business need to diversified in order to generate more profits, same goes to online business. Diversified and venture into more publication method, step forward from website publishing to blogging and forum that involve user feedback into your website. Extend to user interaction via social network site including Twitter and Facebook. Blogs have advantages of its own, and have more to offer to your business that you though. Here are some of the example of blogging advantages for your business

  1. Blog can be used to provide additional content for users. Provide page of information with step-by-step guides etc.
  2. User can ask question and comment on blog post, and admin and reply on that.
  3. User can subscribe to your blog feed and follow your blog progress.
  4. Blog have ping advantages and your blogs content can be sent to blogosphere instantly.
  5. Blog can be written by any of your user granted the the editor right or admin right.
  6. Blog can be written by leisure and more closer approach to users.
  7. Blog comment can be filter from spam via Akismet plugin.

Forum are too wild and anyone can signup to post anything, and forum is great place for spamming too. Social network are vulnerable in the same way too, Twitter tweet can be automatically post by software and result in huge scale of content spamming. Blogging website remain the most suitable choice for personal and business online.

Blog can create a buzz for your business. You can create a place of interest, a blog that filled with information, photo, videos, and user involvement… that trigger new user interest. You are bringing in more users to your business, and converting them into customers… all via blogging and at zero cost.

Its common for online retailer to have blogging website to provide information, reviews and support. For example online automobile hardware shop that having a great blog that review products, provide products specification and fitment example, and test result all together in their blogs are actually more interesting that online shopping site alone. Blog are complement for the ecommerce site and online business, its like a starter for your dinner. Without it, its just too plain.

You can have one big online site for your business, and another blog for it, and also a forum if you want. All three will target its own users and sending in customers to your business. And we want you to host these website 100% green too, blog shouldn’t harm the world, it should be green and 100% carbon free. We are recommending greengeeks.com, their web hosting plan is 300% green! They are 3 times green hosting

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