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About Dreamhost Web Hosting

Dreamhost.com has been around for over ten years, since 1997. Older than many other top web hosting, more popular than most other web hosting company. Dreamhost hosting plan offering all you need in one hosting plan, unlimited storage and unlimited domains, and this dreamhost plan is with custom control panel. Dreamhost is staff operated and own web hosting company, when the staff own the company, they run it with their heart and with best effort. And this has been their success secret since the beginning.

Dreamhost now with more than just shared web hosting, they also offers high performance virtual private server (VPS) plan, server co-location service, and private dedicated server hosting service to those looking for standalone private server

Dreamhost Reviews and Facts

From our dreamhost review and finding, dreamhost is one truly professional web hosting company. You ask for greatest quality and easy to use web hosting plan, and must have good amount of storage space and bandwidth, and good uptime is a must… then you have no choice but Dreamhost Web Hosting!

Dreamhost guarantee more storage space compare to other web host. Other web host promise you unlimited storage, but the fact they give you small storage space in reality. Dreamhost is different in this, they really allocate large amount storage space for their user account, and this allows you to have more disk space resources to dispose at. Same to other server resources and performance, they are given at the most quantity.

Dream host are offering both shared web hosting and vps (virtual private server) web hosting plan. Dreamhost vps plan have more to offer, more server performance and better uptime and faster speed. Dreamhost vps are affordable, not expensive, and lots of choice to select from, and with the greatest features inside. When you need upgrade from shared hosting, this dream host vps plan is the best upgrade choice. Else, you have to go for more expensive choice of dreamhost dedicated server and solely own the server.

For us to further review dreamhost web hosting, we have setup a web hosting account with dreamhost hosting since many years ago, and we have been hosting with them since year 2007. We have been hosting with dreamhost for over four years, and this account are currently hosting this dreamhost review blog. Yes, we have this wordpress blog setup in our dreamhost account and use it to host this dreamhost review site. Our 100% self-owned dreamhost hosting account, we paid our bill, and we host our own dreamhost review site with them. This makes us the real dreamhost reviews website, and we have the most dreamhost reviews articles and reports at here as well. The largest dream host review site is here

Dreamhost Hosting Features Reviewed

What is included in this dreamhost web hosting plan? They are giving away free trial for their shared web hosting, and what is included? Either you are on free trial or not, you can get dreamhost hosting with full spec features inside, nothing is taken out and missing. One price, and you get all features that you going to need to host all websites you have.

The dreamhost plan is with following advantages and features:

  1. Unlimited storage space and bandwidth, they really give GB of storage space.
  2. 50GB storage space for your site backup use, you can’t find this from others.
  3. Unlimited domains hosting, host all websites that you have.
  4. Free domain name included, with custom DNS allowed.
  5. Free domain WHOIS privacy protection for your dreamhost domain.
  6. Support Ruby on Rails, and subversion SVN.
  7. Free $75 google ads credit.
  8. 97-days money back guarantee.
  9. 24/7 technical support, US-based technical team.
  10. 100% uptime guarantee.

What makes dreamhost different? We noted them with 50GB storage space for your backup use, that is a great feature, other web hosts doesn’t allows you to use space for backup use, strictly prohibited. And they have 100% uptime guarantee, plus 97-days money back guarantee… that is the best assurance you can have.

Dreamhost Control Panel and Reviews

What type of control panel are they using and how convenient is it to host with Dreamhost? A great website management control panel will guarantee a great user experience. We want a control panel that have all features inside, and its convenient to manage domain, email, website, account and pays our invoice and check our billing history. That is what we want in a website control panel, and that is what Dreamhost panel is offering us.

We have been hosting with Dreamhost since 2008, and had witness their control panel changes over time. Its great to find out they have more and more features integrated into this single login and manage all control panel. They have Affiliate rewards program integrated in and webmaster can promote Dreamhost and earn some rewards money to pay their future web hosting invoice. We love this feature. And all other website management and domain management features are there and organized in a great way

Dreamhost Coupon Code and Special Discount Price

For limited time, Dreamhost hosting is giving away free trial for their shared web hosting. Get access to shared hosting plan for 2 weeks without paying anything, get their free trial access and experience their web hosting services yourself. No dreamhost coupon code to enter, just signup during this promotion period to entitle for 2 weeks for free.

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