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Fastdomain Coupon $108 & Coupon Discount $3.95/mo

Fastdomain hosting is offering very affordable web hosting plan. Offering unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth tranfer, and unlimited domain name hosting. Selling at price of $6.95 $3.95 per month. During this limited time fastdomain promotion period, you can get special discount up to $72 $108 dollars by follow the fastdomain discount link in this fastdomain review site.

Activate this fast domain coupon discount link before 28th February 2010, limited time promotion only! Once you clicked and follow about fastdomain discount link, you will landed on fastdomain hosting homepage and see this!
Fastdomain $6.95 $3.95/month

Fastdomain Coupon

Next, click the Sign Up Today! link, and you are prompt to choose new domain name, or use transfer domain (use your existing domain name). Next page is your fastdomain ordering and billing information page. Fill up your billing information. And select the fast domain package you desire:

  • Fast Domain Hosting 12 months: CLICK & ACTIVATE Fast domain coupon $4.95 per month
  • Fast Domain Hosting 24 months: CLICK & ACTIVATE Fast domain coupon $3.95 per month
  • Fast Domain Hosting 36 months: CLICK & ACTIVATE Fast domain coupon $3.95 per month

24 months & 36 months hosting plan gives you the best discount and saving. For the 24 months plan, you save up to $72 dollars instantly, compared with previous non-promotion pricing of $6.95/month. The fast domain hosting 36 months offering you saving up to $108 dollars instantly. You are paying the remaining $142.20, after $108 dollars discount, that is over 40% discount!

Fast domain coupon

Hurry!! As this fast domain promotion is limited time offer. Sign up a new fast domain hosting account today!

Fastdomain web hosting with special sitelock offer

You will need a very good web hosting plan for business website and especially ecommerce website hosting, but not necessary a very expensive web hosting plan. This is when you need to search for a budget cpanel hosting plan, and it whould be offering a good price to start your business, and cheap in long term to run your business too.

We are recommending cpanel web hosting plan with unlimited addon domains, hosting additional websites in future at no additional cost is one future planning to consider. We prefer the web hosting plan to be hosted in secure server and safe from hackers and malware too. Talking about website hacking and security, we are advising the business site and e-commerce site to take necessary precaution and choose to protect their website with sitelock security feature.

Fastdomain hosting now with site lock security addon, you can choose which domain name to protect, and making sure its safe from virus, hacker and malwares. Fastdomain sitelock security is now at special promo offer and price at $9.95 per year only. Affordable way to protect your business websites

Fastdomain uptime for January to December 2024

What can be better than real web hosting review & real uptime statistic right?At this you get the real review with real uptime report, with our website hosted with for testing and monitoring use. Its easy, use this site and you are using a fastdomain hosting hosted website. Simple as that!

For fastdomain uptime, january to december 2010 uptime is as following, we recorded 99.75% uptime this year. Very good uptime from this budget web hosting plan, cpanel with unlimited domain hosting, great combination and suitable for any website hosting

Where to get Cheap domain names?

Where can you find cheap domain name registration? Since domain price increased lately, more and more webmaster are looking for new domain registrar that able to offer them cheaper domain registration and more discount in long term. There are actually few well known domain registrar that you can choose, and there are more than you think it is. We have the list here and you can view it for comparison.

  • Namecheap – cheap domain and cheap domain privacy.
  • Dotster – cheap domain name and coupon code offers discount.
  • Godaddy – cheap domain after coupon discount.
  • Fastdomain – cheap domain with free domain privacy, good value
  • Bluehost – cheap domain with free domain privacy, good value

Fast domain is another great place to register domain name, you get domain name and free whois protection, domain name at $10 dollars per year only. A really great bargain, compare it with other domain registrar and you will know the different. Fastdomain hosting is great and reliable too, that’s differentiate them from other domain registrar

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