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About Webhostingpad Web Hosting

Webhostingpad.com has been online since 2005, they are offering extremely affordable web hosting plan. Web Hosting Pad® has been preferred by over 200,000 websites. Webhostingpad hosting is now offering all-in-one web hosting plan, all unlimited hosting plan with no hidden fees and free setup. Webhostingpad is compatible for all websites and all scripting.

Web Hosting Pad is well known for their cheap affordable web hosting plan that makes everyone smile. Others are charging you $5 dollars, you get the same thing here for $2 dollars only. This Webhostingpad hosting company are with cPanel control panel and with unlimited hosting features inside. 30-days money back guarantee and with no setup fees, this web hosting pad is great for any websites, big or small, personal or business

Webhostingpad Reviews and Secret Revealed

We are reviewing Webhostingpad for years, and we are hosting with Webhostingpad too. This Webhostingpad reviews blog is hosted with webhostingpad.com, uses their shared web hosting and we have access to cpanel control panel, and from here we setup our website using WordPress blogging script. We have access to the latest Softaculous installer as well. Reviewing and demo test run their budget web hosting plan, having real web hosting experience and reviewing them in real life, that is what differentiate this review site from other Webhostingpad review site.

More than 100 Webhostingpad reviews articles posted here and counting, and hundreds of user reviews and comments found here. We are reviewing everything, from web hosting feature and quality, server performance speed and downtime uptime stat, Webhostingpad domain registration transfer and redirecting, email account setup and send receive emails via email client, FTP connection setup and quality review, and Webhostingpad Coupon Codes and promo. There are hundred of facts and secret revealed in this Webhostingpad review site, and definitely here have the answer for Webhostingpad related question.

Take part in our latest rewards per review program, write us your Webhostingpad experience in 50 words testimonial. And we send you $5 as reward money. Honest and direct reviews from Webhostingpad customers and user itself

Webhostingpad Web Hosting Features Reviewed

What is this $1.99/mo web hosting plan has to offer. The first time we see their offer, we can’t belief it true. Others are charging $5 dollars for similar hosting package, and Webhostingpad give it away for $1.99/mo only. Three years back, Webhostingpad website isn’t look great as right now, lack of confident for user to signup. But over the years, Web Hosting Pad improved their hosting service and upgrade their website too. The latest Webhostingpad website is really good looking, professional, and create confident.

They have done it right, and make it the best budget web host. Webhostingpad web hosting package are carefully designed and suitable for all websites and all users. We have host with them for many years, this Webhostingpad review is a blog hosted with them, and we knows they are good at it

Here are the Webhostingpad hosting features and specification:

  1. Unlimited hosting space and bandwidth.
  2. Unlimited domains hosting and hosting extra domain names.
  3. Cpanel control panel with Softaculous installer.
  4. Free domain name included.
  5. Free $200 ads credits.
  6. Free website builder tool.
  7. Support e-commerce website and 24/7 security server monitoring.
  8. Weekly backup service.
  9. Four OC-48 connections.
  10. 24/7 US-based technical support with live chat.
  11. 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  12. 30-days money back guarantee.

Webhostingpad cPanel Control Panel

There are variety of web hosting control panel available, some are easy to use and there are some that is custom made and not as user-friendly as it seem. We have been hosting with more than 30 plus web hosting company, we have access to various web hosting control panel, and so far we only love two types of control panel; cPanel control panel and vDeck control panel. These are the two most well known web hosting control panel that webmaster used to configure their account, setup website, manage database and email accounts, and so on. Having a great website control panel and one that is easy to use is very important.

Webhostingpad is using the most famous Cpanel control panel for their shared web hosting account. Web Hosting Pad basic plan is using cPanel and same does the advanced hosting plan, both are using the latest cPanel control panel. With the latest cPanel Accelerated 2 control panel provided in or Webhostingpad account, we are able to setup websites quickly and manage hosting account conveniently. Cpanel is reliable and error free, its very reliable and fast.

Webhostingpad cPanel control panel is as following, we take a screen shot from our Webhostingpad account

Webhostingpad Coupon Code and Discount Price

For limited time, Webhostingpad is now available at special promo price $1.99 per month. Select to signup 4 years or 5 years, and you are entitle for this best price. It is more affordable and twice cheaper compare to other top web hosts. That’s not the ending of it, you can get more from this Webhostingpad Coupon site, we are giving you the Webhostingpad coupon code for additional $25 discount from your bill.

Order their annual web hosting plan, enter this Webhostingpad Coupon TWHR25 and get $25 discount instantly. This is the best Webhostingpad coupon code and its giving the highest discount. This code has been valid for years and giving greatest discount for new customer signup. Use this coupon and get the best discount today!

Webhostingpad server & network uptime rating for 2012

For many years we had selected Webhostingpad as the most affordable web hosting plan. Their unlimited hosting plan at lowest price of $1.99 per month is no mistake the best web hosting plan webmaster can get. This is the lowest and the most affordable web hosting package, and its only $1.99 per month. How good is their hosting services? For this, we are checking their web server uptime rating, network speed and uptime, all these sum up in an overall percentage that represent the website hosting quality! The higher the rating, the better the hosting plan is.

For Web Hosting Pad, we are getting remarkable great result for a budget web hosting plan like this one. There are no other budget hosting plan at price below $1.99/mo that can deliver the similar or better result than this one. Their price is the lowest, uptime is the best, and the support is easily accessible online and via phone call. Its the most affordable web hosting solution, and we love this. Here is the Web Hosting Pad uptime rating for this year 2012. This result is monitored over the Internet, and so it show the total uptime of the web server and the network. Any downtime at the link or server will effect the uptime rating for sure.

And here is the uptime for this Webhostingpad for this year, we getting 99.80% from this budget cPanel hosting plan. Yes, we are hosting with them and uses this $1.99/mo web hosting plan for our website hosting too

The Best Webhostingpad Coupon for $1.46/mo Special Discount Price

Wait a second. Don’t signup Webhostingpad yet, read this review and we will tell you how to get Webhostingpad at lowest price $1.46/mo compared to the regular price $1.99/mo. Let’s get started right the way, and here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to Webhostingpad and signup for their basic web hosting plan $1.99/mo.
  2. Next, register a new domain name or use your own domain name.
  3. Choose for 4 years signup at $1.99/month.
  4. Enter Webhostingpad Coupon TWHR25 for another $25 discount.
  5. Your Web Hosting Pad will be only $1.46/month after discount.

The four years web hosting plan should cost you $95.52, but with the $25 discount, the web hosting plan is only $70.52. This equal to $1.46/month only. Do not use the default coupon FREEDOMAIN that give only $15 off, use this TWHR25 instead and get $25 in discount. Order Webhostingpad services with this Webhostingpad coupon and you will get the highest discount ever.

This is a 100% sure working Webhostingpad coupon code. Anyone can use this coupon code for best discount price from Webhostingpad.com. This coupon is special and not having any expiry date, and so you can use it anytime you like.

Webhostingpad coupon 40% off this Cyber Weekend Sale!

Web hosting companies are giving huge discount and free gift during this holiday season of Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. We had seen web host offering 10% and 20% discount, and some web hosts is offering discount for up to three years and even four years hosting term. For Web Hosting Pad, they are now offering up to 40% off their web hosting plan.

Here are their promotion:

  • 20% off PowerPlan package, use the Webhostingpad coupon 20off
  • 40%off PowerPlanPlus package, use the Webhostingpad coupon 40off

The Webhostingpad’s PowerPlan is now priced at $1.99 per month. When ordering this basic web hosting package, activate the Webhostingpad coupon code 20off and it will give 20% discount or $23.88 dollars in value. Or else you can use our exclusive Webhostingpad coupon TWHR25 offering $25 discount off basic plan.

These are Webhostingpad’s Cyber Weekend sales, and its valid from now until 28th November. Order today and signup new hosting account, use the coupon code above, and get their biggest web hosting discount today!

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