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Dotster Reviews and Dotster Coupons and Top Web Hosting Review Comparison

About Dotster Web Hosting is a famous brand in domain registration service and web hosting service, its well known and very popular. Dotster built a strong reputation over the years, 10 years in web hosting businesses, and they are one of very few successful web hosting companies.

DOTSTER® web host are offering cheap domain names registration service, quality web hosting plan, high performance VPS plan, and web design services too. Truly the one stop center for your website hosting needs. We have been hosting with Dotster for many years, and their web hosting services is one-of-its-kind. Great hosting quality and great website uptime, hosting websites with them is made simple with their very reliable web hosting server.

This is a Dotster hosted web hosting reviews site, and dotster reviews here are based on our reviews and testing. This is a real web hosting review site with true facts and data, and this is what webmaster need & should have

Dotster web hosting reviews

What does dotster hosting have to offers you and your business? A good hosting service influence your online business success, only high performance web hosting plan can do that, and web hosting with greatest uptime rating. Talks about uptime rating, do you know that search engines especially Google are now giving priority to websites with fast server speed and good uptime, its now become one of the ranking criteria. Dotster web hosting optimized their server cache performance, this helps to boost your website response and loading time, and search engines definitely love it.

How do we know so much about Dotster web hosting? Because we are reviewing Dotster hosting and we are hosting with them right now. Ya, this Dotster review site is hosting with Dotster shared hosting plan, our 100% self-owned web hosting plan that we paid with own money. Hosting website here with dotster hosting, we log in to Dotster control panel and manage the websites. We setup this Dotster review blog by using WordPress in Dotster server, it runs great and we tested it. Lots more Dotster review articles, 80 of them are posted in this Dotster reviews site and we are continue to post more reviews every month. Off course, time-to-time Dotster coupon promos are posted in here too. All of this makes us the best Dotster reviews and Dotster coupon site

Dotster Web Hosting Feature Reviewed

Dotster are 150% green, they uses green server that is highly energy efficient, and they plant trees for their customers too. Triple efforts to make sure their web hosting services is greener than the rest.

Dotster hosting gave customers the best price and highest flexibility when come to ordering their web hosting plan. They have three hosting packages to select, and every one of it have monthly term, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and 5 years as option. The longer it is, the most discount is given, Dotster is now giving 30% for their 5 years hosting signup. Take the basic hosting for example, after 30% discount, that is just $4 dollars per month

What is Dotster® web hosting features:

  1. Huge storage space and bandwidth transfer.
  2. Free domain name included.
  3. Free domain DNS management and customization.
  4. Free SiteBuilder tool.
  5. 150% green web hosting plan.
  6. Good customer support and service when you need it.
  7. Good security web server to protect your website and data.

Dotster Parallels Control Panel Reviews

Dotster web hosting is not using cPanel or vDeck control panel, they are using Parallels control panel for their web hosting package instead. There are advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons, of using this Parallels control panel for web hosting account. It doesn’t provide as much features that you found in cPanel, and their 1-click installer is lacking of free open source scripts for installation. But this Parallels control panel is quick, stable, and have account integration features that allows user to manage multiple accounts together and manage their domain name via the same control panel too. The Dotster billing page is integrated into their parallels control panel too, this allow user to access to billing page conveniently an clear their pending invoice. All under one control panel, and that is a great advantages.

Dotster Coupon Code and Special Discount

Dotster web hosting at discount price is now start from $4 dollars per month, and this $4 dollars plan is now a green hosting plan too. They done this better than others, Dotster is 150% green to offset the carbon emission caused by the running servers and data centers. Off course, this is a huge sum when considering millions of websites currently hosted from Dotster! And these websites are now 150% green, you can shows the green badge on your websites homepage. Every websites are encourage to go green right now, especially on the energy crisis generation right now and the nuclear power and pollution to environment, green energy is the small steps toward greener WWW.

Dotster Reviews and Comparison

This is what we would like you to do, compare at least five web hosts before you signup with any of them. Reading top web hosting reviews help, but at the end the choice is yours, and yours to decide. Don’t get effected by price of feature or discount alone, since you are going to host with them for years, its best to decide the web host that perform the best right now and until future. Here are some comparison between Dotster and the other top web hosting companies!

  1. Dotster Review : Dotster hosting is one of the largest domain registrar, they are offering budget domain registration, very attractive pricing. More than 10 years offering web hosting services and domain registration services. Wide range of products to choose, shared hosting, VPS plan, business solution and email hosting, and there are more to choose. Dotster shared hosting plan is rather expensive, price begin at $5.75/mo and now with discount when you activate the Dotster coupon codes from us.
  2. Justhost Review : Justhost hosting is one of of the most famous web hosting provider, they are using cPanel control panel and Fantastico, great for beginner and start-up business that looking for budget hosting plan. Justhost plan start from $2.45/mo only, very affordable and you are getting unlimited storage and bandwidth.
  3. Ipage Review : Ipage hosting is fast growing web host too, they are now with over 1 million domain hosted, popular and highly recommended to webmaster. With unlimited hosting plan and allows you to host multiple websites in one account, and iPage plan is with $450 dollars free gift for new customer.
  4. Fatcow Review : Fatcow hosting is another great web hosting plan to watch out for! Budget web hosting plan at amazing price, and great for any website. Great customer support and easily available, Fatcow hosting is unique and reliable. Unlimited hosting feature is their feature.
  5. Hostgator Review : Hostgator hosting is another giant web hosting company, with over 4.5 million domain hosted currently, they are truly one of largest web hosting company. Hostgator plan is begin from $3.96/mo only when you activate the Hostgator coupon code link. Hostgator is famous for their reseller plan and shared hosting plan, and now they are adding VPS hosting plan to their product list. Cpanel web hosting plan from big hosting company.
  6. Bluehost Review : Bluehost hosting now host more than a million domain name, they are a large cPanel web hosting company too. But they are offering only one type of shared web hosting plan and nothing more than that. You can’t find VPS hosting, email hosting, web design service as you find in Dotster web hosting.

Always compare web hosting before you buy, this help you to get the best web hosting buy ever! Off-course, if you want great combination of domain registration and web hosting plan, dotster web hosting is the right choice!

Dotster blog web hosting and reviews

Are you selecting DOTSTER web hosting as your next blog hosting plan? Have you tested Dotster hosting for various blogging software installation? Yes, Dotster does provide web application vault where you can setup and install web application via their installer. Same to cPanel hosting with Fantastico or Simplescript, and vdeck hosting with Installcentral. Dotster control panel have their installer tool included as well.

From the Dotster web application vault, we have found the blogging and content management system section, and inside it we found only the B2evolution blogging apps ready for quick installation. How about WordPress, Textpattern, Nucleus, and other blogging software? Why we can’t find installer tool for other blogging apps? We have to manually setup install the other blogging software, and its have to be done via ftp account upload and web install, step by step, time consuming task. Certain level of expertise is require for this task, not recommended for absolute beginner. However, here is the detail step to setup WordPress manually at your Dotster web hosting plan

  1. Download the latest WordPress version at
  2. Create a new MySQL database for your WordPress blog.
  3. Unzip the content and edit the wp-config.php file.
  4. Enter the database login details into the wp-config.php
  5. Now, you are ready to upload all the WordPress file to your Dotster account via FTP client, we recommend Filezilla for the job.
  6. Once finish uploading, the WordPress blog is ready and viewable online

This manual installation process will take less than five to ten minutes to complete. With this same method, you can upload any other software that you need and install website at your Dotster hosting account.

From our web hosting review and testing, we are confirmed that WordPress blog and B2evolution blog can be setup at Dotster web hosting. Installing and running from Dotster web hosting plan without problem. And we have install few wordpress plugins for this wordpress site as well, and its running normally. One different thing about Dotster server is that they already have the webpage caching enabled, and so the installation of WordPress cache plugin to speed up the website loading ins unnecessary.

For the other apps, anyone that have tested it before, do post your comments here and share your experience with others.

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