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About Greengeeks Web Hosting is the greenest web hosting plan, they are 300% green. GREENGEEKS® have been online since year 2024, offering great web hosting plan. Greengeeks shared web hosting plan with cPanel and with great features, and attractive price that makes them different. Greengeeks reseller hosting plan is green too, and this allows you to resell their green web hosting plan. They also provides VPS web hosting plan, the high performance and better uptime rating and more reliable web hosting plan.

Greengeeks hosting price previously at $6.95/mo has been lowered to more attractive pricing of $4.95 per month. Now they have contest to win iPad 2, and there is Greengeeks coupon code for $25 extra discount here. All these making their green hosting plan even more attractive right now.

Greengeeks Reviews 

How we rate Greengeeks hosting? How good is their web hosting plan? We have tested Greengeeks hosting for years, having hosting experience with them and using it for years. This simple Greengeeks review blog is hosted with Greengeeks green hosting, testing their site and experiencing their green hosting plan. We are reviewing, testing, and rating their web hosting services in real life. Find all of our Greengeeks review here, real customer reviews, real user testimonials, and you too can write your Greengeeks experience or reviews and send it to us.

Our Greengeeks review site begin in year 2009, until now there have been one hundred review articles posted in this Greengeeks review site. Facts, info, reviews, coupon codes and discount, and secret of Greengeeks hosting are posted here. We know the biggest secret of Greengeeks, and we know all about their green web hosting service.

There are many advantages to use real review, what we mean by real reviews is actual hosting experience with a web host and latest write reviews based on these hosting experience. This Green Geeks review is one of the real review site, hosted with and uses their well-known 300% green web hosting plan. By visiting this Green Geeks review site, you are visiting a GreenGeeks hosted site, you can test and evaluate the site speed and server performance and many more. Plus, see our Greengeeks uptime statistic for real, years of collected data, all available here

Greengeeks Web Hosting Features Reviewed

Not a mistake, this is the best green hosting plan. Greengeeks web hosting is our most preferred green hosting company. Why choose conventional web hosting plan when you can get green hosting plan at much lower price. Its true, why not we take a simple comparison test here. Bluehost is not green and their price is $6.95 per month. Justhost is not green either and their price is $4.45 per month. There are many other web hosts that is not green, and we strongly advice you to make sure they are green as possible, and Greengeeks hosting is the best choice when come to green hosting plan.

We love this 300% green hosting plan. Here are the top 10 reasons why we preferred Greengeeks hosting:

  1. 300% Green cPanel hosting plan.
  2. Unlimited addon domains.
  3. Unlimited storage and bandwidth.
  4. Unlimited MySQL database.
  5. Excellent customer support and live chat support.
  6. Uptime is good, their promises of 99.9% is true.
  7. Free domain name for annual hosting plan signup.
  8. Free website builder and website templates.
  9. Free nightly backup.
  10. 30-days money back guarantee.

Greengeeks Reseller Web Hosting Plan Reviewed

There are huge numbers of web hosting resellers today, and those people are ‘reselling‘ the web host’s services. Most top web hosts offers reseller web hosting plan and provides the reseller account for their user to reseller the web hosting space & service to their second-tier customer. Off course, this is made possible by effective reseller hosting services.

Get a greengeeks reseller plan and you are ready to get started, here is what included inside the Greengeeks reseller hosting packages:

Regardless you are a webmaster or a home user, you to can start selling your own web hosting services and with your own branding.

  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Range from 10 to 250 cPanel user accounts.
  • Free billing system to take customer payment.
  • Free eNom domain reseller account.
  • 24/7 technical support.

Greengeeks cPanel Control Panel Reviewed

Greengeeks shared web hosting plan is using the latest cPanel Accelerated 2 control panel. This cPanel version is the improved version and with speed optimized. Websites hosted in this cPanel will have speed benefit too. Greengeeks web hosting uses the latest cPanel and WHM control panel for their web hosting services. The reseller plan and VPS plan will be using the WHM control panel.

The Greengeeks cPanel is accessible via your domain name directly. For example, we can access our cPanel at .Enter the username and password to access the cPanel homepage as following. The Greengeeks cPanel is simple and not have much customization in it. There is additional services provided at partners tab, including the search engine optimization service and payment processing service

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