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About Pow Web Hosting

Powweb.com is web hosting company since 1999. PowWeb® is offering advanced load-balancing web hosting plan for years. Few years back, PowWeb hosting convert to unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth, and their unmatched web hosting plan is offering all-in-one web hosting service. This is not an ordinary web hosting service, it uses the latest load-balanced technology to create an unmatched web hosting service

Beside that, Pow Web Hosting has been running few sales promotion, up to 50% instant discount for their new customer signup and their discount price is only $3.88/mo. Anyone signup now will get free domain name and free marketing ads too. And they are using the latest website control panel as well, named vDeck 4.0

Powweb Hosting Reviews

Powweb Reviews 

This unique load-balanced web hosting plan is in our review list too, we are comparing it with few other top web hosts. Powweb hosting plan has been performing great for the pass two years, we have received great uptime and server performance from this budget price load balanced hosting plan. For this price, we don’t expect more, for this we have been surprised by what they have been offering. Powweb is great in server performance and reliability, website response fast and quick, and that is the advantages of load balanced web hosting plan can do. We know this from our PowWeb Reviews.

We are one of the many PowWeb customers, we choose to host with PowWeb. Via our self owned PowWeb account, we setup WordPress site and some other websites in this load balancing web hosting plan. At the same time, we are reviewing their hosting plan, testing their PowWeb vDeck control panel (previously they was using powweb OPS, later replaced by vdeck), tested their email services and FTP service, and many more. Hundred of Pow Web Reviews and testing has taken place from our powweb hosting account, and all result has been recorded in this Powweb reviews site. This is the best Powweb review blog that is also hosted with PowWeb hosting, and we are the most complete PowWeb review site right now.

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Powweb Hosting Reviews

Powweb Web Hosting Features Reviewed

As per our experience, powweb.com is one of the greatest shared web hosting company as they implement load-balancing technology for improved server performance, uptime and reliability. This make their web hosting plan extraordinary and better than other web host.

For the price of $3.88/mo, here is what Pow Web Hosting have to offer, and here is their hosting features:

  1. Load balanced server technology.
  2. Unlimited storage space with RAID storage.
  3. Unlimited bandwidth transfer.
  4. Free vDeck control panel.
  5. Free Simplescripts installer.
  6. Free Instant click and restore daily backup.
  7. Free $75 Google Ads.
  8. Free $25 Yahoo Bing Ads.
  9. Free $50 Facebook Ads.
  10. Free YellowPages listing.
  11. 24/7 technical support with live chat.
  12. Toll-free phone support.
  13. 30-days money back guarantee.

View Powweb.com load balanced web hosting plan here

Powweb Hosting Reviews

Powweb vDeck Control Panel Reviews

Which type of web hosting control panel are you preferring? Either cPanel, vDeck, Parellals or H-sphere? Different web host uses different web hosting control panel, some is obviously better than another, and some are really out-dated and shouldn’t be use at all. With so many variety and so many option, there is two website control panel that we still preferred, that is vDeck 4.0 and cPanel 11. These are the two famous web control panel.

Cpanel remain unchanged for their interface and there is server cache management improvement to speed up websites. And for vDeck 4 there is huge improvement in usability, functionality, and speed. For such a positive improvement, there are more web host switching to vDeck and stick with them. Powweb is a web host that switch from their OPS control panel to the latest vDeck control panel. It was the righteous move and we love to use the latest vDeck control panel.

All features are provided inside, lots of free tools and free software, and its bundle with the domain management and account management that is obviously missing from cPanel. Here is the screen shot taken from our own Powweb vDeck control panel running version 4.0

Powweb Hosting Reviews

Powweb Coupon Codes and Special Discount

What is the best PowWeb Coupon price up-to-date? We have been alert about their sales and coupons for many years, and the best Powweb hosting coupon price will be the 50% off regular price, and their load-balancing plan is just $3.88/mo after discount. $3.88 is a very low price for any professional web hosting plan, and this PowWeb is with load-balancing technology, which makes it even more value for money!

Powweb Hosting Reviews

Powweb Uptime & Downtime Statistic

How good is this load-balanced web hosting plan? For the price os $3.88/mo, how good is this plan going to be, is it going to outperformed the other more expensive hosting plans? We are here to help you find out, we have PowWeb account and websites hosted with their shared hosting account and we have been monitoring it for years. How lucky it is. We have years of uptime downtime stat for you right here.

  • 2011 Powweb uptime is 99.914%
  • 2010 Powweb uptime is 99.561%
  • 2009 Powweb uptime is 99.684%
  • 2008 Powweb uptime is 99.886%
  • 2007 Powweb uptime is 98.360%
Powweb Hosting Reviews

Powweb IMAP mailbox hosting reviews

PoWweb hosting plan offers unlimited email account that enable every users to set up their own E-mail at their registered domain name. For example, yourname@yourdomainname.com. The benefits of having Email on Powweb hosting is that you get a higher level of reliability and secure webmail access including SPAM filter and any data sent to and from the Powweb server is encrypted from the moment you sign in, until the moment you sign out. You can ensure that your sensitive messages will not be intercepted or compromised in any way.

While looking for IMAP and POP Acccess at Powweb, it is also secure access to desktop email clients through IMAP or POP. All email traffic is encrypted including user names and passwords sent from the email client to the mail server for authentication. IMAP is highly recommended as IMAP provides a better method to access your mail from multiple devices, say from work, home, and your mobile, through two-way syncing capabilities between your mail clients and the PowWeb mailbox. However, because IMAP saves all your messages on the server, be sure frequently clean up your mailbox, deleting old messages.

IMAP works perfectly for users who work on several systems. There are times when we are checking e-mail from four computers a day, each through either Apple’s Mail or on Windohs with Thunderbird, and everything is nicely synced. If you’re using a lot of files between two computers often, instead of constantly e-mailing them back and forth to yourself or manually moving them from machine to machine, consider DropBox. Just started using it last week and it’s fabulous. We’d been trying to think of a way to program something like this for our own site, but this is free and easy to use.

Powweb hosting E-commerce store with Prestashop

Powweb Web Hosting offers unlimited hosting feature for all website solutions at $3.88 per month only, includes SimpleScripts installer which make you easy to install any applications for your website, you can create, maintain and upgrade by a single-click installation only. Powweb hosting also support E-commerce website that provides various shopping cart scripts, Prestashop Ecommerce application with over 50,000 sites installed worldwide, and a 250% community member increase in 2010.

Prestashop is one of the leading E-commerce features available on Powweb for free. PrestaShop is easy to use and install, great for small to medium sized businesses. If you are a CSS master, you make PrestaShop look like it’s your own. PrestaShop supports unlimited categories, sub-categories, image pictures. We find it very useful with the possibility to give different permissions to sub-admin user. Of course, as any other open-source shopping cart it lacks some features, but we have extended its functionality with a help of additional software Store Manager for PrestaShop. It’s great for bulk updates, products export/import and has a very reasonable price.

Powweb Hosting Reviews

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